Our purpose

The Nightingale Calling is an idea, a vision, a movement, a mission. We believe in insight with purpose in pursuit of a fair, free and just society. We use our analytical skills across a variety of research and communications projects to share stories that would otherwise never have been told.

The nightingale might not be much to look at but when it sings, people stop and listen. In the same way, we give a voice to those so often ignored, through uncovering and sharing insight, to cause people to stop, listen and act. We aim to influence those who can influence, inspiring change and transforming lives.

Our inspiration

Florence Nightingale is best known for her compassionate heart as the “lady of the lamp”, nursing wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, but her profound impact on modern nursing was far greater through her mastery of data, insight and communication.

Her analysis of army statistics revealed the huge proportion of hospital deaths due to poor sanitation and her innovative presentation of the insight influenced the government to make changes which saved countless lives. Our values are the same Christian values which first motivated Florence Nightingale all those years ago.

God spoke to me and called me to His Service. What form this service was to take the voice did not say.Florence Nightingale

The Butterfly Beats

We are a non-profit initiative of The Butterfly Beats, an insight agency for igniting commercial and community transformation that educates and equips businesses to make a better, broader and bigger impact through their value chain.

We can help you deliver a more effective, innovative and purposeful chain through our expertise in, as well as research and analysis of, the end-to-end supply chain. Please click on the logo to find out more.


We use data to inspire social change. Our activities extend from gathering evidence for change through, for example, targeted surveys, interviews and existing research, advocating actions that make a difference by transforming data into insight, digging beneath the surface and identifying implications, and compelling change through powerful presentation.

Original Research

Through investigations, surveys and interviews

Incisive Analysis

Identifying insight, implications and actions

Compelling Narrative

Creating and presenting engaging communications


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